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Ansun BioPharma Announces Successful Treatment with DAS181 in A Patient with Severe Influenza and Parainfluenza at IDSA Meeting

San Diego – October 9, 2015 Ansun BioPharma announced a presentation at IDSA’s IDWeek 2015 meeting (Infectious Disease Society of America ) regarding the compassionate use of DAS181 under an emergency IND for a transplant patient on a respirator who was co-infected with influenza and parainfluenza (Abstract # 766 , Session: 130).  Over a five-day course of therapy, O2 requirement was reduced and the patient’s respiratory status improved and the patient was able to go off the respirator on day 5. Between day 2 and day 4 of dosing, there was a 60-fold reduction in influenza viral load in the patient’s tracheal aspirate. During this same time frame, there was a 7-fold reduction in PIV RNA viral load. NP swabs were negative for both viruses following the discontinuation of the respirator. The patient tolerated DAS181 well with no signs of significant toxicity and was able to leave the hospital after this severe life threatening infection. “The potential to impact on multiple respiratory viruses with DAS181 was a major factor in our decision to use the drug, and we were pleased with the rapid response and good clinical outcome for this patient following treatment,” noted Dr. Mark Schleiss, Professor of Pediatrics at University of Minnesota School of Medicine. “We were very encouraged by this result, and we are continuing to participate in the ongoing trial of DAS181 for parainfluenza infection, as no effective antiviral treatments are currently licensed for this virus in these high-risk patients,” explained Dr. Schleiss.  Dr. Ron Moss, CEO of Ansun, commented that “infections with multiple respiratory viruses are unfortunately not so uncommon in hospitalized patients. The unique aspect of DAS181 is the ability to potentially inhibit different respiratory viruses and different virus subtypes including resistant viruses.”

About Ansun BioPharma

Ansun BioPharma is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of unique host-directed anti-viral therapies for respiratory viruses.  DAS181 has two indications in late stage clinical development. FluDaseTM is a first-in-class broad-spectrum investigational therapeutic agent to treat all forms of influenza, including pandemic variants and drug-resistant variants that cannot be treated by any currently approved flu therapies, including H1N1, H5N1 and H7N9. ParaDaseTM is an investigational drug which is designed to target the receptor for parainfluenza viruses and is being evaluated in a Phase 2 trial for the treatment of severe parainfluenza infection in immunocompromised patients. ParaDaseTM has received Fast Track Designation by the U.S. FDA. Preclinical data suggests that DAS181 may have additional activity against other respiratory viruses including EV68. For more information, please visit or using the identifier NCT01644877.

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