Ansun Biopharma Team

Each member of the Ansun team has one singular focus!  That focus is clear and simple and captured by our mission: to save the lives of the most vulnerable!

We are a small team of approximately 25 scientists, doctors, and visionaries based in San Diego, California who have devoted our time and resources to internally invent, test, and deliver recombinant therapeutic proteins to treat dangerous diseases affecting the most vulnerable patients.

Our founders were ingenious virologists and molecular biologists who realized that targeting a virus is difficult due to the virus’ ability to mutate and avoid the treatment.  This ability to mutate also enables the virus to evade vaccines.  So instead of trying to hit a moving target, they developed an innovative new approach to fight respiratory viruses: they targeted the host instead of the virus!  That decision led to the creation of DAS181, a recombinant fusion protein that can potentially prohibit the entry of all sialic acid dependent viruses, including influenza, parainfluenza, metapneumovirus, entervirus 68 and others into human respiratory epithelial cells.  Our CEO, Dr. Nancy Chang, is an internationally renowned biochemist and drug developer who co-founded Tanox and guided the company to one of the most successful biotech public offerings in history.  Tanox was acquired by Genentech in 2007 for just under $1 billion.  Dr. Chang has been leading Ansun since 2017, and serves as CEO and Chairperson.

The Ansun  Board of Directors is made up of biopharmaceutical industry veterans, including Dr. Allen Chao, who founded Watson Pharmaceuticals, and grew it to be one of the most successful pharmaceutical companies in the world.